Monday, October 20, 2008

¡Feliz cumpleaños a mi esposo increíble!

Shawn celebrated his 28th (¡qué viejo!) birthday on Friday October 17th.
Doesn't that look like the face of someone who just turned 28?! Yipes!
We had great food, great fun, and great laughs with family & friends on Friday night, and then Shawn and I went out on Saturday for some "just us" time. On Friday we ate dinner at our fav Mexican restaurant in the area & ate bday cake. Our plans to go to the Homecoming football game were put on hold due to weather, so we all went back and played Taboo. I just want to make a plug to the Burnette's - they are amazing ;^)

Shawn took complete advantage of a special occasion, like most men do, and soaked up the birthday attention for all it was worth calling the entire weekend his birthday! How convenient! Just when I thought I was done treating, the occasion had only just begun.
Remember that when I turn 26 this year Shawn!
So, like a good wife, on Saturday I took him shopping in Norcross and to Malibu Grand Prix Fun Park. We went to the batting cages and hit a few, then it was off to an endless number of stores.

I mean hey, a girl's gotta enjoy herself, too, right?!?!

We had a fantastic time celebrating another year of a blessed life!
Enjoy the pics...

Our friends Rachel & Anthony joined us at "La Fiesta" for some good Mexican cookin'!

Shawn & his big sis' Heather posing for the cam. Heather preparing take-out for her dog at home.

Us. The pics look the same, but they're different, I promise.

Shawn opening his new Fossil watch from me & a musical card from his other sister Laura. He was jammin' to Tito Puente.

The amazing staff surprised Shawn with a cake (that I time to bake) after the yummy dinner. Picture 1 - Hmmm...what do I do now? Picture 2 - Oh yes...blow the candles out.

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